Bill Perry

Bill Perry

Bill Perry

In 2014 Lil’ Bill moved in with me, along with his pack dad and canine sibling, Lil’ Red. I promptly dropped the Lil’s — I couldn’t do it. Red has remained Red (so far) but Lil’ Bill, after a short stint as William, has become Bill Perry. Bill is a family name, as is Perry. There’s something Texas and Southern about it that fits this little comedian well.

This day, as we started our walk, we passed a stopped UPS truck. The driver gave Bill Perry a treat (damn smart company!). 45 minutes later, as Bill was ending his trick practice — walking on the top of a low wall — I noticed he had something in his mouth. I grabbed the shot with my smart phone.

He carried that UPS treat for an hour. Once we got home, he showed it to his pack dad and then ate it. What a clown.


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